Local Scrap Company

Local scrap metal companies play a vital role in the recycling of scrap metal, as they are the interface between the public and the commercial re-users.

Modern attitudes to the waste of scrap metal has changed considerably over the past years, especially as the value of scrap has risen. The public have realised that by selling their scrap metal to a local scrap metal dealer, they not only are able to make money on the transition, but they are helping relieve pressure on the planet's diminishing resources.


Scrap companies


Local scrap metal companies will offer competitive prices for the ,metals to be recycled, and may even be able to help with transportation depending on the quantities involved. Search the database to find your nearest scrap metal company.



Scrap Metal Dealers

Local scrap metal dealers and local scrap metal merchants are licenced by their local authority. The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964, states the terms and conditions that local scrap companies must work under.


local scrap company


The act gives local authorities certain powers to enforce regulation of scrap metal yards. Local authorities are effectively licencing scrap metal dealers and it is the responsibility of the authority to ensure that the scrap metal dealers conform with the law.

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act has led to a regulation of the scrap metal industry and has increased public confidence when dealing with scrap metal merchants. It has helped raise the professionalism of the scrap dealers and also raise their profile in the public eye.

Metal Crime and Local Scrap Companies

Metal crime is becoming a headache for the local scrap company and they are in the forefront of the fight against metal crime.

Nowadays metal crime is an accepted phrase in the English language, 10 years ago the term did not exist, but it is a phenomenon that has risen over the last decade and local scrap companies are now questioning the origin of scrap metals that are offered to them for sale.

Any local scrap company will tell you that the disruption caused by a police investigation into their business far outweighs any profit that they could make on suspicious scrap metal. As well as the potential for having their scrap yard closed whilst the investigation proceeds, it also affects their public image having the police all over the premises at a time when the image of local scrap companies is improving.

Nowadays, local scrap companies are becoming involved in the international trade of scrap metals and the legitimate rewards available are ensuring that scrap company owners and managers are becoming increasingly wary over where any scrap metals offered to them has come from.